Overcoming the bleak Minnesota winter


Hazel McKinney

Neighbors gather for a game of pickup hockey at Matthews Park.

Hazel McKinney, Staff Writer

Minnesota is one of the most northern states making it one of the coldest in the winter. During this season many people find themselves asking the same question, what should I do? It seems to be too cold to do anything outside and many of the things you would normally do in the summer would be hard in the winter. But as crazy as it seems there are still things to do that are fun during these snowy months.

If you are usually an outdoor person all you need is a warm jacket, hat, and gloves to go skating at a nearby park. “I like to go skating at Matthews Park.” Said freshman Delilah Mitchell. Minneapolis has some amazing parks that are open for free during the winter. You can bring you own skates or borrow some from the park free of charge! This is a great thing to do with friends or family when it is a nice day outside. And if you don’t want to go to a park there are also skating rinks that you can pay to get into like The Roseville Oval or the new ice rink at the Mall of America. The Roseville Oval is only open to the public at certain times so make sure to check the website before you go.

Another outdoor activity that you could do in the winter is go snow tubing. Some snow tubing places nearby are Buck hill and Theodore Wirth. “I like snow-tubing a lot,” said Senior Thora Schierkolk. Snow-tubing is a really fun activity that is guaranteed to make you have a good time. It can get pretty cold though so make sure you are wearing a jacket, hat, and mittens. And if you ever need to take a break to warm up, just head into the chalet that most places have.

Some other activities would be downhill skiing or snowboarding. You can visit Afton Alps or Highland. “I like to go snowboarding at highland.” Said Mitchell. These places have skis and snowboards that you can rent, but, it can get pretty expensive. A day pass at Afton is $50-$60 and if you need to rent it is an extra $34. At Highland Hills the day pass is around $30 and equipment rental is $22. But there are still many options of winter activities that are little to no money.

There are places like the Minnesota Institute of Art or any museum that are free. If you enjoy art this might be the thing for you. “Me and my friends love going to art museums and enjoying all the modern and beautiful art.” Said Gus LaFave. Also The Minnesota science museum just got remodeled and would definitely be a fun place to check out if you are into science. They have a really cool exhibits that are interactive and interesting. “I love going to the science museum, I think it is very fun and I have loved the new science museum I think it is very interesting.” Said freshman Gus LaFave. Also the MIA (Minnesota Institute of Art) has fun activities and new exhibits fairly regular that are almost always free. Just check their website and you are sure to find something that interests you.

Looking for something more relaxing? Check out one of South’s own band, orchestra, choir, or theater productions. Just check the calendar on South’s homepage or listen to the announcements at lunch.The price for students is $8 for a theater production and $3 for band and choir. Students also get discounts at most movie theaters. The Guthrie theater also gives discounts to students if you are more interested in seeing a performance live.

Or if you prefer to stay home you could invite a friend over to bake. “I like to bake chocolate chip cookies with my friends and go skating at the local rink.” Said Lukas Johnson. There are so many cool things to bake that you can look up or find in the newspaper. The Star Tribune gives you some of the best holiday cookies that are submitted by families and they do not disappoint. And after you have your freshly baked desserts pull out a board game. “Some of my favorite games would have to be clue, life, and candy land.” Said Sophomore Misha Donnelly.

The cold, dry months of November, December, January, and February can seem long and uneventful but there is plenty to do if you just look. “Yeah the winters a good time.. But it’s cold and not my favorite season.” Said Donnelly. Stay in touch with your friends and plan things in advance so you don’t end up with nothing to do and you will enjoy these Minnesota winters.