Disney princess turned pop icon, Selena Gomez’s new album Revival is an awakening to be witnessed by all.

Photo Credit: Karen J (celebritynews.io) 
The cover of Selena Gomez’s album Revival which was said to be “ one the most anticipated albums of 2015”

Photo Credit: Karen J (celebritynews.io) The cover of Selena Gomez’s album Revival which was said to be “ one the most anticipated albums of 2015”

Fanta Diallo, Staff Writer

The album release of Revival by Selena Gomez, which was said to be “the most anticipated album of the year” came out only just a couple of weeks ago.

Gomez’s new album Revival has been getting a ton of traction associated with her new and mature sound. Maia Roberts, a freshman here at South said, “She hasn’t released an album separate from Disney in a while, and in this album she’s like recreating her image.” This is Gomez’s fifth album since she left the clutches of Disney, and the idea behind this new album she told Boston Global  is “not just the title of my latest album, but rather, it’s a statement of purpose.” This album is strong and loud, demanding even those who may not like her to stop and listen.

Gomez album touches on some strong emotions since her breakup with former boyfriend Justin Bieber in the song, Same Old Love, where she sings, “I’m so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart.” She is soft and vulnerable with the new sound she’s creating, and it’s easy to see that she has put her heart out into this album and is truly claiming a stance of purpose.

Roberts says, “She’s declaring that she’s independent and that she’s an adult and she’s in control of her body and her own life and I’m really proud of her.”

Describing the album as deep, and surprising, Roberts says, “ I would recommend this album, because you can listen to her music and figure out who she is and maybe connect to her a little more.” Gomez’s new album didn’t just connect to those who were previously her fans, but instead she was able to reach a much  larger audience.  Anna Keillor, who came upon the album thorough listening to an online listening site said, “I was listening to Spotify radio when they played her song, and I thought it was cool.” Keillor, who claims she isn’t a Selena Gomez fan, gave the album a six out of ten, and then went on to further explain, “ Well she changed a lot, and in a couple words I would say the album is good, and not bad at all.”

Gomez’s album is definitely “not bad at all.” There is something in the album for everyone; not only is her album getting us to see Gomez in a completely new light but also the album cuts loose with  dance-floor jams, “Kill Em With Kindness” and “Hands to Myself,”  which were both in collaboration with Max Martin.

The album is Gomez’s journey and her evolution from Disney princess to music icon. In the song “Me & the Rhythm,” Gomez takes her own advice when she sings “If you feel like you’re the spark/ Then come out of the dark.” Gomez has truly emerged, into a phenomenal artist. Fans of her should be proud, as she’s heading on out on her highly anticipated world tour.