South students challenge themselves by creating video game

Elvis Torres, Staff Writer

For many people playing videos are fun, but for two South students, making them is even more fun.

Two South High students decided over the summer to create their own horror game. Junior Amon Maki-Nelson posted a Facebook status asking if anyone knew anything about designing games.

That status got the attention of Preston Holt, a sophomore. The two actually met last year, in an engineering class. “I was surprised he actually knew how to make video games because we had the same class last year.” says Maki-Nelson.

Maki-Nelson took a business class over the summer, and was the one who came up with the idea of creating the video game. He is going to be marketing the game, using the skills the business class taught him.

The two work with their ideas at Maki-Nelson’s house. His parents are very supportive, said Maki-Nelson. “They’re really supportive because they know I don’t get  ‘challenged’ at school a lot.”

Maki-Nelson’s uncle is also involved. He has the software for the game because he is an engineer, and also has experience with programming.

Maki-Nelson and Holt have another friend that will be doing the music. “It’s that scary horror music,” says Holt.

They later brought Gabriel Hanson, a freshmen, into the game to be their scripter. The scripter writes the introduction to the game and all the words the player encounters while playing.

The two plan on the game being completely at night, because as Holt explained “Darkness…that’s when the scary stuff happens. I mean who isn’t scared of the dark?”

The game will start off in a set area, like a room, with the equipment you need, with that horror music playing in the background.

The game will be filled with “pretty scary stuff” said Maki-Nelson. “Since we’re gamers, we know what we want to put in the game for sure” adds Holt.

Maki-Nelson and Holt, both said making a video game is a lot harder than they thought. “It takes so much more stuff…than just the little things,” says Holt.

However, they don’t seem to mind. “That just makes it more fun,” said Maki-Nelson. “ I think that’s gonna make it more worthwhile when it comes out”.

Holt and Maki-Nelson are excited about creating their own game. Although it costs them a lot of time, money, and effort, they’re putting in their all.

They don’t plan on making much from this first game. “This is a test run,” Maki-Nelson explained. “So we wanna make this first game as good as we can make it so that…in our next game, we [can] go more in depth.” They plan to create games for as long as possible.

The game will be available for download on STEAM.  “STEAM is an online site where you can download [other] people’s games” explained Maki-Nelson. The two are currently planning to release the game in April 2015.