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Students perform in All-State Ensembles

Gabe Steller, Staff Writer

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On February 15th seven south students participated in the magnificently large concert featuring students from across Minnesota playing both jazz and orchestral music. The Concert was part of the Minnesota Music Educators Association’s All-State Program, The provider of the six-day summer camps that south Students attended.

“It was fun! I really enjoyed my time there!” said violinist, junior Naomi Schroeter. Students received music in the mail and sent in tapes of their audition

“I practiced a ton for the audition. I know if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have gotten in,” reflected saxophonist, junior Josh Johnson “I know that its easier to get in if you’re from outside the cities and suburbs” agreed Schroeter.

There were three different camps offered last summer, one for Orchestra and two for Jazz. South students were spread across all three categories with two in orchestra (including Schroeter) three in All-state Jazz (including Johnson) and two in Honors Jazz. All-State Jazz is reserved for upperclassmen, while Honors Jazz is for 9th and 10th graders.

After months apart the All-State groups met back up for another concert 2 weeks ago, rehearsing for two days beforehand “It was great to see everybody again and I think it went really well!” Schroeter summed up.

Other students that played include Brenna Carey (Violin), Kristofer Bergh (Trumpet), Jack Hedberg (Trombone), Noah Danaher (Trumpet), and Audrey Goodnight (Tenor Saxophone).

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Students perform in All-State Ensembles