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Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall is a guy you may or may not know. He has a deep passion for writing that started around seventh grade. His imagination poured out onto paper through his fingertips. It presented itself as doodles. As time went on they transformed into words. When talking to Oliver Hall you can see the creativity in his eyes. You can tell that he’s focused and constantly thinking. When you speak to him you can  tell just how strongly he cares about writing. Writing to him has a powerful meaning. “Writing is a way to distract you from everything.” Oliver Hall explains. He’s also genuinely curious, which is the key to his other passion, understanding communities.  Oliver has an inquisitive mind when it comes to wanting to exploring the communities around him. He wants to know the real emotions of the South High and crack open South’s stories. He wants take action. He is part of the Southern Newspaper Production, and he’s perfect for the job. He likes to write fantasy stories and do photography. This is only his freshman year that means there will be plenty more to come from Oliver, including writing, photography and in depth community observations and involvement. He’ll take all of his many skills and blossom into the amazing author Oliver’s always dreamed to be.

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer

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